Advocacy is for Everyone @KTI 2016

Thursday, 12:15-1:30, room 240

A Conversation


Share Your Story

1. Build advocates for your program and your dreams Share your students’ work

  • with parents

  • with administrators

  • with the school board

  • with your elected officials

  • with your colleagues

  • with other students

2. Use the internet

3. Send letters to elected officials (regularly)

4. Share intranet/internet (see above)

5. Invite others

  • parents in for a technology night

  • elected officials to stop by when they need a photo op

6. Offer your students’ assistance to the other teachers/admins to create local PSAs, then broaden the offerings

7. Join an advocacy group (; Keystone State Education Coalition)

8. Join PAECT ( and get involved in your region



Definition of Advocacy

Definition of Lobbying

Definition of a Public Service Announcement

Digital Storytelling Developing 21st Century Skills

High Expectations

Empowering the 21st Century Superintendent

To Contact Federal Elected Officials

Pennsylvania State Elected Officials Regions